Saturday, October 30, 2010

Purposeful repurposing?

Pulled out another container that had nearly all of the blocks completed..the remainder were all cut and ready to sew and were organized in bags...don't remember doing that, but appreciated it! Maybe the quilting fairy really wanted me to finish it.

The fabrics came from Adirondack Quilts and was a block-of-the-month for which there was no longer a pattern. The packages were on sale I bought them not knowing what I would do with them and set them aside to "ferment" for awhile (about two years). The block pattern is on the cover of "Nickel Quilts" by Pat Speth and Charlene Thode. The fabrics worked up to only 46 blocks so the sketchpad came out:

 The bottom diagram won out as it used all 46 of the 8" (fin.) blocks and ended up 72" x 90." Laid it out on the bed and started piecing it together:
Will finish up the top tonight to baste sometime next week in preparation for machine quilting on my Bernina. Someday I hope to own a Gammill! The large areas should be fun to what design would look good?

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