Saturday, April 16, 2011

Working on a layout for my upcoming reno for a new studio/workspace

Working towards retirement, I'm pricing out a renovation to our basement, including digging out the south side and adding two nice windows there while keeping the old cast iron radiators that are there now. The space will be about 25' square with a few support columns in the center. (Nearly 4x the room I have now!)
Will start cleaning it up and post pics on the progress. Looking at a laminate floor, IKEA cabinets and computer station for the laptop & scanner, and cutting/ironing stations. A seating area for friends and family, bookshelves (for research and development days), and a long-arm quilting machine eventually. I've drawn out the floor plan and have Post-It note cutouts for the major pieces of furniture so they can be moved around.

Any and all suggestions are welcomed!