Saturday, January 22, 2011

2012 Quilting Arts Calendar

Sorry to say that Katie-Klepto was not a finalist for the Quilting Arts 2012 Calendar...but I'll try again next year! This was my first attempt at this much thread painting on my own...and I learned a lot on this project. Here is the finished 12" x 12" wallhanging and a detail. I used hand-dyed fabrics and batiks from my stash, rayon threads in Katie colors, beads, scanned the notions and printed them on fabric treated with Bubble-Jet, and machine quilted. I have it hanging in my sewing room now...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

How many projects can you work on at once?

Feeling a little splintered right about now with a number of projects I need to finish...and some more I want to start! Several quilts need to be quilted for our guild's quilt show in June, but there's also a smaller quilt - the one in the last post that needs a "granite" fabric. Collecting the materials for that has been fun - a friend even gave me a medium that has mica flakes in it to use as a top layer once the fabric is printed! Does anyone else have this problem...or is it just because I'm a Gemini? Having the Monday holiday off from work offers the possiblity of an extended period in the basement painting fabric on a plastic-covered pool table - here's to "play time!"