Sewing Studio

10 Feet of countertop over storage cabinets from our old W.T. Grant store that was torn down  years ago in downtown Glens Falls: half is for cutting and half is for ironing with an upholstered pressing surface.

Research and development section is absolutely necessary with good lighting and a wing chair...

IKEA cabinets went in for fabric. One cabinet is prints; the other is solids and my hand-dyed + backings. We have mad scientist days out in the garage to dye fabric and then hang the pieces out in the driveway to dry. I can only imagine what the people who drive by are thinking...


Sheetrock down between the two bedrooms and now it's time to fire up the Saws-All..

Here are some pics of my's been moved around on a fairly regular basis for the last month as I reconfigure for winter coming...aka I want my sewing machine table closer to the baseboard heat!

I've snitched the DVD player from the living room to watch quilting DVDs and movies while I work. The wing chair will soon be upholstered to match the sewing chair...

This is half of the stash in the closet...the wooden sliding doors protect the fabric from too much light and dust:

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